Benross 1800W Freestanding Black Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

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Benross 1800W Freestanding Black Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

Free standing
2 heat settings 900w/1850w
Cool breeze, adjustable thermostatic control
Safety cut out
1.62m cable length
This freestanding electric heater has been designed to look like an authentic white coloured cast iron log burner, which adds both elegance and additional heat into any room it is placed.
This portable heater allows you to cycle between the heat settings of 900w & 1800w, and features an adjustable thermostat to allow you full control of the heating in the room. The heater also comes with burning red log embers that will add to the warming sensation.
This electric fan heater also features a handy switch that will activate a fan that can be turned on if the surroundings become too warm, and will then proceed to circulate cooler air around the room.
This electric heater measures 55cm x 41cm x 27cm (H x W x D), and features an auto shut-off mode that will cut the power to the device if it gets too hot, or the air flow is obstructed.