Alko Premium Jockey Wheel

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Very robust construction, with integrated oscillating arm suspension: ground unevenesses will be resovled suspended.
With integrated wheel road: no separate scale: no intricate handling, no wide, convexed tyre (230x80mm) in a modern design, shunting-friendly: small footprint at severe, big at soft subsurface. Crank smooth running: the installed compression bearing beyond the crank makes the handling easy. The crank is formed ergonomically and detachable.
Tyre detachable. High-quality kg Corrosion protection. Hot-dip galvanising in a high film thickness. The abrasion of the zinc thickness by elevation adjustment across the clamp bedplate is thereore uncritically. The structure of the zinc thickness is uneven.(bloomy).
Carrying capacity statically max.: 300 kg Carrying capacity dynamically max.: 180 kg Tyre: 230 x 80 solid rubber Wheel bearing: floating bearing

9,8 kg