8ft Hydro‑Force Compact Inflatable Surfboard Set

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The 8ft Hydro-force Compact Inflatable surfboard is perfect for beginners testing the waters, to advanced surfers seeking a fresh twist on the sport
An inflatable surfboard built to provide a smooth ride; designed to be reactive to allow for easy direction change and the removable fin offers directional stability
Tritech™ construction with drop stitching provides strength, stability and durability; is built to withstand weight, strain, movement and UV exposure
Comes with everything you need to get you on the water; contents include 1 surfboard, 1 hand pump, 1 backpack , 1 surf leash, 1 rubber fin and 1 repair kit
Size once inflated: 2.43m x 57cm x 7cm (8ft x 22” x 3”) Weight Capacity: 90kg (198lbs)

Hang loose and catch some epic waves! The Bestway® 8ft Hydro‑Force™ Compact Inflatable Surfboard is perfect for riders of all skill levels and is the ideal solution if you are looking for a surfboard which is easy to transport and compact to store. 
The Tritech™ construction with drop stitching provides superior strength, stability and durability while keeping it lightweight. 
The Tritech™ surface material is built to withstand weight, strain and movement and can withstand exposure to UV rays. 
This surfboard is easy to transport and store when deflated but is also quick and easy to inflate. 
Once you are ready to use your board, simply inflate it with the included hand pump, and you'll be ready for a remarkable day on the water! 
When you're done, the air valve allows you to deflate the board in no time. 
Simply roll the surfboard back up, store it in the included travel bag and be on your way. 
It is built for sturdy, smooth rides on the waves and is designed to react well, allowing you to easily change your direction. 
This surfboard has one removable fin for directional stability and compact storage. 
The non‑slip traction pad and stainless‑steel ring to hook your leash onto help to provide a safer ride. 
This set comes with everything you need to inflate your surfboard and get out on the waves straight away including: a surfboard, hand pump, travel bag, surf leash, rubber fin and a repair kit. 
Size once inflated: 2.43m x 57cm x 7cm (8ft x 22" x 3") Weight Capacity: 90kg (198lbs).