Fiamma F45S 375 Royal Blue - Titanium Case

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  • Extra strong, light aluminum housing with 2nd welt rail.
  • Housing dimensions smaller, narrower and with sturdy aluminum end caps.
  • Maximum shadow area, cloth with diffuse light distribution.
  • Vinyl cloth printed on both sides with anti-scatch coat as protective film.
  • Regulation system for closing the front panel. Self-locking auto-lock.
  • Security mechanism.
  • Support feet integrated in the front panel.
  • Motor in 12 V can be optionally retrofitted.
  • Double welt rail to hold accessories such as a hook set, storm bracing Tiedown S, Sun / Rain Blocker or Privacy Room.
  • Reinforced support for the support feet.
  • Dual shock absorbers on the support arms dampen e.g. Movements caused by wind and thus protect the awning and vehicle.
  • Cable ducts in the support arms ensure perfect attachment of accessories such as LED lighting.
  • Rain gutter on the front panel safely drains rainwater to the sides.
  • Please order suitable adapters separately.