Fiamma F45S 300 Royal Grey - Titanium Case

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The Fiamma F45S is equipped with a double cable rail to accommodate accessories such as the Hook Set, Tiedown S storming, Sun / Rain Blocker or Privacy Room. In addition, the support legs have a new reinforced support. Cable channels integrated into the trays ensure the perfect attachment of accessories such as LED lighting. In addition, the rainwater channel drains the running rainwater to the sides.

  • Extra-light, lightweight aluminum housing with 2-rail
  • Housing dimensions smaller and narrower with stable aluminum end caps
  • Maximum shadow area, cloth with diffuse light distribution
  • Printed on both sides with anti-scatch coat as a protective film
  • Control system for closing the front panel
  • Self-locking auto-lock safety mechanism
  • Support feet integrated in the front panel
  • Motor in 12V can be optionally retrofitted
  • with adapter set for side wall


Product dimensions: 
Case width A: 298cm, width of fabric B: 381cm, extension C: 250cm